Historiography and Historical Metho | Spring 2001
I. Course Description
The aim of this reading-, speaking-, and writing-intensive course is to engage students in ongoing philosophical and historiographical debates concerning narrativity, temporality, experience, and the historical representation of reality. We will investigate the structure of narrative and its relation to historical time.

All students are required to apply the critical approaches and concepts learned in this course to a final research project on time and narrative. For instance you may choose to examine the Marxian scheme of historical periodization, to study the notion of longue dureé in the works of Annales School historians, or to examine the periodization of world, European, or American history/literature. Your final research project must be directed toward a professional audience and should be of publishable quality. All papers must be presented at the 11th semiannual Rhetoric and the Historical Imagination Conference, scheduled for December 6, 2000.

II. Course Requirements

1. Weekly summaries/analyses for a total of 8 one-page papers. These analyses should be made available to other students via the Internet (history@listserv.ilstu.edu) at least 24 hours prior to each class meeting.

2. Weekly critiques of your peers' position papers for a total of 8 one-page papers. Your critiques should be e-mailed to other students via history@listserv.ilstu.edu.

3. Small groups will lead weekly discussions on assigned readings. All students are expected to participate actively in class discussions. Failure to do so will have a detrimental effect on your grade!

4. One short memo-proposal describing your research paper due by September 25, 2001. This should be accompanied by a concise title and a one-page working bibliography identifying both primary and secondary sources.

5. A final research paper directed toward a professional audience other than the course instructor. Students are expected to present their papers in a public conference at the end of semester.

6. A writing portfolio consisting of your weekly summaries, critiques, proposal and bibliography, and the final research paper.

7. Students registered for these courses are also required to participate in at least 4 sessions of the Department of History Student-Faculty Seminars and/or other public presentations in English, Philosophy, Anthropology, etc. scheduled for the Fall semester. A short report of these sessions should be sent to history@listserv.ilstu.edu.

III. Grades

Students will be evaluated by attendance, quality participation in the course, contribution to the intellectual life of the University, and by the quality of their written work. Percentages will be assigned on this following basis:

1. Weekly summaries/analyses and critiques: 25%

2. Group presentations: 25%

3. Proposal and bibliography: 10%

4. Participation in departmental seminars and public lectures: 10%

4. Research paper and conference presentation: 30%


IV. Required Readings
To see a list of required reading materials for this course please download the corresponding word file.
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